Centuries of Chinese medicine practice
Decades of NZ hospitality experience

Sitting quietly on the edge of the North Island's Auckland and Waikato regions, the Aroma House can be found in the picturesque town of Pokeno.


Perfectly Placed

Located at the intersection of New Zealand's two longest State Highways 1 & 2, it's a 35 minute drive south from the heart of Auckland or a 60 minute drive north of Hamilton. Aroma House's surroundings are quiet and elegant, with a plethora of natural attractions; attune with nature in the surrounding mountains, forests and parks or pay a visit to the local markets if you'd like to get a feel for the local culture. The nearest golf course is just a 10 minute drive away while a 25 minute drive will get you to the nearest beach.



Exquisitely Designed

The Aroma House's 11 acres have been carefully planned and laid out, featuring fruit trees, gardens, ponds and friendly resident farm animals. Flowers such as Bupleurum, Angelica and Perilla can be found blooming gracefully on other parts of the farm. Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the atmosphere of the country; feel the gentle breeze as you listen to the birds singing amongst the trees, gazing up at puffy white clouds while a gentle sunshine warms you up.



Incredibly Comfortable

There are seven villas, all of which are newly built. From a single room to an entire two bedroom villa, there's a choice to suit everyone. The design is modern while the decor is elegant and refined, to ensure your stay is truly comfortable.



Serious background

The Aroma House has a long history and has experienced hundreds of years of spring and autumn. The Aroma House also inherits and practices the profound science of Chinese medicine, developed by a master Chinese medicine team alongside a PhD of Chinese literature.



At the Aroma House, we do our best to bring you the natural gifts of the last pure land on Earth.


Escape the noise and rush of the city; slow down the rush of daily life,

Take a breath and find a quiet place for the soul.

Embody the tranquility, beauty and romance of nature; the leisure of the country,

Enjoy an idyllic New Zealand experience at The Aroma House.